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Clinical Trial Services: Ensuring Clinical Trial Success

Baltacon is a reliable Clinical Trial Supply partner with the highest quality industry standards. With a short, direct supply chain involving over 20+ manufacturers and a strong dedication to excellence, we specialize in supplying high-quality reference-listed drugs (RLDs), comparators, innovators, commercial  products, pre-medications and co-therapy drugs for clinical trials. We also provide exclusive direct delivery contracts that are unique to our services. Our strategic approach to comparator sourcing ensures that your clinical trials are conducted with precision and accuracy. As a trusted supplier, we offer certified  products sourced globally. Our team is GCP certified, ensuring the highest standards of compliance and quality. We excel in proactive project management, providing a single point of contact for seamless coordination and efficiency across all projects. Discover the benefits of working with Baltacon and revolutionize your clinical trial experience.


Reliable Reference Listed Drug (RLD) Supply

Comparator sourcing plays a critical role in the success of clinical trials, that's why we offer a wide range of services and expertise in the field of comparator clinical trial sourcing. This makes us the preferred choice for pharmaceutical companies and research organizations worldwide. In clinical trials, being accurate and reliable is extremely important.

That's why Baltacon takes pride in offering a secure supply of reference Listed Drugs (RLDs). As a certified supplier, we ensure that the RLDs we provide meet high quality standards. Our short supply chain guarantees the integrity and authenticity of the reference drugs, giving you confidence in the outcomes of your clinical trials.

Strategic Comparator Sourcing for Clinical Trials

Achieving success in clinical trials requires strategic planning and sourcing of comparator products. At Baltacon, we specialize in strategic comparator sourcing, ensuring that you have access to the most suitable and compliant comparator drugs for your specific study needs. We employ a strategic approach considering factors such as product availability, logistics, and regulatory compliance. We analyze your trial's specific needs and design a customized sourcing strategy to ensure timely delivery and cost-effectiveness. Our team of experts collaborates closely with you to meet your needs and offer personalized solutions that make your clinical trial process smoother.

Selection of Comparator Products for Clinical Trials

We recognize the importance of comparator products in maintaining the integrity of clinical trial data. That's why Baltacon collaborates with trusted and certified drug suppliers worldwide. Through strict quality control measures, we ensure that the comparator products we offer are genuine, accurately labeled, and meet all regulatory requirements.

Baltacon understands that global clinical trials require a reliable supply of comparator products. With our extensive network and established partnerships, we can source comparator drugs from various regions, ensuring a diverse and comprehensive selection for your clinical trials. Our global comparator sourcing capabilities enable us to meet your specific study requirements while adhering to international guidelines and regulations.

Clinical trial comparator sourcing demands a specialized approach to ensure that the comparator products chosen are appropriate. At Baltacon, our experienced team possesses in-depth knowledge of different market specifics, regulatory requirements and therapeutic areas, allowing us to guide you in selecting the most suitable comparators for your trials. With our expertise, you can optimize trial outcomes and minimize risks associated with comparator product selection.

Certified Comparator Products for Uncompromised Quality

We prioritize uncompromised quality by offering certified comparator products for clinical trials. With strict evaluation and verification processes, we ensure compliance with regulatory standards and guidelines. Trust in our authentic, reliable products to safeguard the accuracy and integrity of your clinical trial results. We have grown a reputation for over 30 years of producing consistent and security-driven results for clinical trials.

Other Services

1) Sourcing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Standards (APIs) and Excipient reference materials

2) IMP/ API and comparator  packaging and labeling (including EU batch release and blinding)

3) Placebo Solutions

  • Oral medications, topical medications, suppositories, sterile preparation)

4) Protocol Specific Laboratory Kit manufacturing

5) Decentralized Clinical Trials:

  • Local pharmacy-chain
  • Prescription deliveries and nurse-supervised administration
  • Home infusions/ administration of medicines

6) Ancillary Supply:

  • Needles, syringes, infusion kits and tools, surgical tools, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), bandages etc.

7) Medical Equipment Sales & Rental:

  • Professional fridges, freezers, thermometers, temperature loggers, centrifuges, stethoscopes, sphygmomanometers, glucometers, dialysis equipment etc. 

8) Sustainable waste management solutions:

  • Post-trial returns and destructions

Why Choose Baltacon for Comparator Sourcing?

Choose Baltacon for your comparator sourcing needs and experience the advantages of working with a reliable and secure partner. With our short supply chain and strategic sourcing capabilities, we can provide you with certified comparator products that meet your study requirements. Trust in our expertise and commitment to excellence to optimize the success of your clinical trials. With over 3000 shipments delivered per year, we are rapidly growing within Latvia and the rest of the world. With Baltacon you can expect:

  • Unique solutions tailored to you
  • Professional service backed by over 30 years of experience
  • Huge coverage with reach across the globe
  • Exclusive direct delivery contracts
  • Strong supply chain with 20+ manufacturers

Contact us today to learn more about our global comparator sourcing services and discover how Baltacon can enhance your clinical trial experience. Ensure reliable and secure comparator sourcing for your next study with Baltacon - your trusted partner in clinical research.

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