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Baltacon is a pharmaceutical service company that partners with the healthcare sector to provide and improve medical care all around the globe.

We Value The Environment

We do believe the well-being of people is what matters the most — we take care of a healthy workspace and headspace for all of us as well.

Core Team

At Baltacon, people are at the center of everything we do. Motivated, innovative and reliable. We are here to help!

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    Kristine is characterized by love - towards people, nature and everything living. Kristine's passion is teamwork. She believes that by working together, we can change the world for the better. In her free time, she likes to read books and go out in nature. Kristine has a Master of Business Administration degree.

    Kristine Vilcane, CEO

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    Lita is an open, communicative and positive person. She enjoys active recreation, warm summers and beautiful sunsets. Lita loves to get involved in new adventures!

    Lita Bluma, Mag.Pharm

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    Tatiana - part introvert and analyst, part someone who loves to plan, organize and prioritize, 2 parts romantic and 3 parts - a responsive and dear colleague. The rest of her loves coffee, eat delicious food and loves ginger-coloured cats.

    Tatjana Rogalska , Mag.Pharm

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    Renate is an enthusiast. A lover of good music and humor. She is inspired by the team spirit and by being together.
    Currently on maternity leave.

    Renate Riekstina, Mag.Pharm

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    Lelde likes dresses and prefers beer. She enjoys watching the night city lights and being alone with a good book.

    Lelde Zvejniece Mag.Pharm

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    Baiba lives every day as a new and adventurous range of emotions. Her biggest emotional achievement is the participation in the Latvian Song and Dance Festival. If she had the opportunity, she would watch the sunset every night to appreciate every minute she has lived, her accomplishments and future goals.

    Baiba Vorevica, B.Comm

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    Deins likes the spirit of competition. He is always trying to adapt to any situation and see the opportunities in problem situations. In his free time, he enjoys reading books and going for long walks.

    Deins Zukovskis, BBA

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    Kaspars is looking for the creativity in tables and numbers. In his free time, he enjoys cycling, playing computer games and guitar.

    Kaspars Eiduks, Mag.Pharm

Our Team’s

What makes Baltacon stand out, first and foremost, is our drive. It's what makes us want to get up in the morning. We're passionate about both small everyday things and great plans when we start to turn them into reality.

We also think that there is great strength in teamwork. By working together, one can create excellent ideas, achieve ever greater heights and solve every problem. We complement each other and enjoy working together. 

We also place great importance in balance - in our inner balance, the equilibrium in our team and company, as well as the one in our private and professional lives. Teamwork in addition with honest partnership, fair communication and collaboration both inside and outside of the company, is what makes our team at Baltacon truly unique.

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